An inground pool is a beautiful feature to have on any property. One of the things homeowners love most about them is how they elevate the look of your backyard, transforming it into an oasis. Especially if you’re renting out your property, an inground pool is a great way to make your outdoor space more fun and attractive.

Sometimes, people are reluctant to invest in a cover for their pool because they want to show off its full beauty. But if you want your pool to remain beautiful and functional for as long as possible, a quality cover is essential—and here’s why.

1) Reduce water evaporation.

If the water levels drop too low, important (and costly) components of your pool can become damaged. With a pool cover, you lose far less water to evaporation and are able to better maintain healthy levels. This will keep your pool in optimal shape and save you money on refilling over time.

2) Use less chemicals.

Water is not the only thing that evaporates when your pool is left uncovered. Pool chemicals, particularly chlorine, degrade in UV light and evaporate along with it. The more chemicals that you lose, the more you have to use. A cover will help you preserve what you do use and reduce chemical consumption.

3) Keep your pool cleaner.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a pool cover is that it prevents debris, such as leaves, twigs, bugs, and dirt, from getting into the water. This will drastically cut down the amount of organic matter that accumulates and makes your pool dirty or clogs the filter or pumps. It also means less time spent skimming and vacuuming—and more time swimming or relaxing—for you.

4) Enhance pool safety.

A sturdy cover will make your inground pool a lot safer by helping to prevent accidents. By tightly sealing off water access, you greatly reduce the chance of someone (adults, kids, pets) accidentally falling in and possibly drowning. Whether it’s your family on the property or someone renting, a pool cover offers occupants security and peace of mind.

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