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Which Heater Is Right For You?

When choosing between a electric heater or a gas heater. There are a couple key things to consider. First, your location of the pool. If you have an ocean front pool. The high exposer to strong winds really hinder the efficiency and heat production of the electric heat pumps.

Where gas pool heaters can produce higher water temps at a faster rate to keep up with the heat loss from high winds.

One other important factor to take into consideration is seasons of running. Here on the Outer Banks our ambient temperature in the spring can fluctuate greatly. When the ambient temp falls below 50 degrees the electric heat pumps do not work very efficiently. Some models will not operate at all. So if you plan to use your pool, or offer it to renters in the months of March or November. You should consider going with the gas option.

Just a couple things to keep in mind when looking to purchase a pool heater for the Outer Banks.

There are other things to consider as well. Thats why were are here to help you find the perfect heater to suit your swimming pool needs.

Warm and Inviting

Pool heaters are an excellent way to extend the pool season. Especially here on the Outer banks, where wind can really put a chill in the air and your pool.

The best two styles of heaters for the Outer Banks are Electric and Gas. Each have their strong suits so its important to do your home work and have an experienced professional guiding you.

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The covers are made of high quality dura mesh vinyl or polypropylene. The mesh’s shape and tautness is formed by triple stitched straps that are pulled tight and held in place by stainless steel tension springs. These springs are covered by an anti fouling rubber cover. The springs attach to brass anchors that are counter sunk into the pool deck when not in use. All of our pool covers come with a twelve year warranty and are made with quality material to with stand the Outer Banks harsh conditions.

We are able to custom design your cover to fit any size or shape pool with a color of your pool.

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