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Southern Shores NC Rental Homes

As the best Outer Banks pool cleaner around, we offer comprehensive spa and pool cleaning services to our Outer Banks rental home clients. Our hot tub/spa and swimming pool maintenance & service packages for Outer Banks rental homes are as follows.


All of the swimming pool services listed below will be performed twice.  Once on the turn over day, and once more on the mid week.

  • Vacuum pool and/or spa
  • Skim water surfaces and brush pool walls
  • Clean all pool and spa filters
  • Empty pool pump and skimmer baskets
  • Test all water chemical levels with a 6 point professional test kit
  • Balance the pool and spa water ( all chemicals are included in the weekly charge)
  • Make sure the pool and spa water is up to the proper levels
  • Clean the pool deck and arrange pool furniture to the owners desired positioning
  • Check over pool, spa and general area for any damage that was not there prior visit
  • The same pool cleaner will return for the mid week cleaning
  • Finally once all services are finished the cleaner will leave a detailed door hanger on the pool gate. These hangers are placed to let the renters know what services were done when.  How long to stay out of the pool and/or spa.  Along with the pool cleaners time of return for their full mid week cleaning.

Vacant weeks:

All OBX Pool and Spa Cleaner services listed above will be performed on the turn over day.  The only difference is we do not return for a mid week cleaning.  By not returning for a mid week cleaning we are able to offer a much lower rate for that week.  Helping our work load and your wallet.

We also offer extra cleaning for large event homes.

For more detailed service prices for your Outer Banks rental home. Please contact us by clicking the button below, or call us at (252) 489-9511

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