Pool Maintenance Near Corolla NC – VRBO & Airbnb

We at Aquarius Pools & Spas know the difference between VRBO / Airbnb homes managed by the home owner, and a rental home managed by one of the large rental companies.

We pride ourselves on communication with homeowners and renters along with superior pool cleaning service and guaranteed quality repairs.  Our flexible check in and check out cleaning schedule makes for an effortless transition for your renters even if you don’t have the standard weekend to weekend rental schedule.

Being a small independently owned OBX pool cleaning business ourselves, we know the benefits and the repercussions of the quality of reviews your renters post. That’s why we always go the extra mile for the VRBO and Airbnb renters to make sure their pool and spa experience is the best they have ever had on the OBX.  Our team of cleaners and repair techs are all certified and genuinely friendly people to have working for you and your guests.

Below is a quick summary of the work that transpires on each of our pool service visits.

  •  Full vacuuming of the pool and spa twice a week
  • Cleaning of the water line, and emptying of skimmer baskets
  • Cleaning of all filters and pump baskets
  • Straightening of pool deck furniture, and cleaning of pool deck
  • Balancing of pool chemicals (all weekly pool maintenance chemicals included)
  • Adding water to pool and spa to proper level
  • Observation of any damage done by renters or weather
  • Check to make sure all safety equipment is in proper working order
  • The same pool cleaner will visit each week, and he/she will leave your renters a detailed note letting them know what was done and how long to stay out of each piece.  The note will also detail when to expect our next visit
Pool Maintenance for a Clean Pool in Corolla NC