The Benefits of Having a Heater for Your Pool

On its own, a pool is a great investment to increase the value of any property. Once you have one, there are also a lot of ways you can upgrade your pool and make it more appealing for your family or your renters. If you’re looking for a simple improvement that will go a long way, then you should consider a pool heater.

A lot of pool owners think they can get away without a heater or may wonder why you would bother to heat water you want to cool down in anyway. But a heater offers a lot of additional benefits for you and any swimmers living in or visiting your property.

Extend your swimming season.

Normally, when summer ends so does the open season for your pool. With a pool heater, you’ll be able to swim for longer throughout the year. When temperatures start creeping up at the beginning of spring or down at the beginning of fall, a heater will keep the water comfortable and welcoming.

Enjoy the water more often.

A heater for your pool will ensure the water is pleasant to spend time in no matter how many clouds are in the sky or where the sun is positioned. You’ll no longer be at the mercy of the weather or how much sunlight reaches your pool. The water will be enjoyable whenever you feel like taking a dip, allowing you more opportunities to hangout with friends and family, get in some aquatic exercise, and relax.

Go night swimming.

Even throughout much of the summer, nighttime temperatures are often too chilly for you to enjoy a swim. If you heat your pool, then the water temperature won’t fluctuate with the air temperature, and you can swim even when the sun isn’t out. This opens up opportunities for early morning laps and fun pool parties into the night.

Pool heaters are low maintenance and long lasting.

A good quality pool heater can last you 15 years or more if you take care of it properly. Since maintenance for heaters is minimal anyway, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you enjoy the benefits of heated water for many years to come. This one small investment can really go a long way.

If you live in or rent out a property with a pool in the Outer Banks, Aquarius Pools & Spas can hook you up with a quality pool heater you can rely on for the years ahead. Not only that, but our pool cleaning and maintenance specialists can also service your heater and entire pool weekly, monthly, or however often you need it.

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