As a responsible pool owner, part of your job is to regularly monitor your pool for problems. If damage or improper maintenance goes unchecked, it can result in costly, extensive repairs and unsafe water for your home residents or rental guests. One common pool issue to be on the lookout for is leaks.

The good news is, if there’s a leak in your pool and you catch it early, it’s an easy fix. Knowing the signs that your indoor pool is leaking will help you detect leaks sooner and repair them before they cause too much trouble. Let’s take a look at some indicators that could point to a leak in your pool.

1) Tile cracks

Excess water can unsettle the ground around your pool. As the ground becomes more malleable, tiles can move and crack. Depending on the severity of the leak, you may even find cracks in the concreate or bond beam too.

2) Water bill increase

If your pool is losing water, the autofill will be running overtime to compensate. Even a small leak can cost you hundreds of gallons (and dollars) of water. If you notice a sudden and/or significant increase in your water bill, it might be time to start looking for leaks.

3) Standing water

Nearby puddles or mushy or uneven grass can indicate a leak in your inground pool. This usually means the leak is in the underground plumbing, and the water being released is causing erosion in your yard. Especially if it hasn’t rained or the pool hasn’t been used lately, you should consider asking a specialist to come out and inspect for a pool leak.

4) Chemical level fluctuation

As water leaks out of your pool, chemicals are leaving with it and being replaced with untreated water. If you test your chemical levels to find they’ve dropped significantly weekly or from day-to-day, the problem could be a leak. The fluctuation of chemicals may also result in algae growth or water discoloration, so be on the lookout for that as well.

A leaking pool can be a frustrating and costly problem for vacation rental owners and private residents in the Outer Banks. Fortunately, Aquarius Pools & Spas is here to help! Using sonar location or dye testing, we’ll pinpoint the source of your pool leak, so we can then repair it efficiently and expertly.

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