Pool Shock: Why, When & How to Use It

If you’re new to the world of pool ownership, learning all the different facets of pool maintenance can be overwhelming at first. One task that may be confusing, or even a little scary, is shocking your pool. It’s also one of the most important maintenance responsibilities you’ll have as a pool owner.

Shock is what keeps your water healthy, well-balanced, clear, and fun to swim in. Here’s a rundown on why you need pool shock, when to use it, and how do use it correctly:

Why do you need to shock a pool?

When the regular chlorine in your pool mixes with ammonia and nitrates, which are brought into the water from body sweat, lotions, and other debris, they bond to form chloramines. Chloramines make your pool water unhealthy and unbalanced. Shock is a large dose of chlorine or other disinfectant chemical that destroys the bacteria and chloramines.

When should you shock a pool?

Ideally, to maintain water quality, balance, and clarity, you should be shocking your pool weekly. Always shock it in the evening or at night, as the UV rays from the sun will start dissolving the chemicals and they won’t be as effective. Other instances when you should shock your pool include:

  • Season opening/closing
  • After a party or heavy use
  • After heavy rain
  • Following an extended hot and sunny period
  • Strong chlorine smell in water
  • Water causes eye or skin irritation

How do you shock a pool?

The actual process of shocking your pool is fairly simple. Consult the packaging of the shock you’re using and follow these steps below.

  1. Put on protective gear—eyewear, gloves, pants, long sleeve shirt, and closed-toe shoes.
  2. Test your water for combined chlorine levels, so you know how much shock you’ll need. There should be guidelines on the packaging to help you determine the correct amount.
  3. If the shock you’re using needs to be dissolved, fill a bucket ¾ full with warm water, slowly pour in the chemical, and stir. Otherwise, just gather the amount of shock you need in a bucket.
  4. Slowly pour the shock into your pool, walking around as you go to ensure even distribution.

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