4 Pool Safety Tips for Rental Property Owners

When you’re in the apartment or vacation rental business, offering the most coveted modern amenities is essential for getting a leg up in a competitive market. Potential tenants and guests are looking for features that make their stay at your place more convenient and enjoyable than the next option. A pool is one of the most effective luxury offerings you can use to make your property stand out.

Part of your responsibility as a property owner is to ensure the safety of your renters. Use these tips to make sure your pool remains a safe and attractive amenity for years to come!

1) Build a fence around your pool.

Restricting access to your pool area is a practical way to prevent accidental drownings and keep outsiders from trespassing on your property. Some areas (including several counties in North Carolina) even require it by law. An effective fence should be at least four feet high with rail openings no more than four inches apart.

2) Install an alarm.

Guarantee the safety of your residents by using an alarm to signal unauthorized pool access. This will serve not only to deter intruders, but also signal if someone has fallen into the pool and potentially save a life. Install an alarm at the entry point or a motion-activated alarm in/around the pool for the most protection.

3) Offer safety classes.

If you’re renting an apartment building, show residents you care and help educate them on important pool safety practices by offering training and classes. Set up swimming classes for kids (or adults) and CPR training to increase the number of individuals who may be able to help in an emergency.

4) Keep your pool maintained.

One of the most important rules of pool safety for any property is to keep up with a maintenance routine to ensure the water is always healthy and your equipment is functioning properly. This will help prevent accidents and damage that can be caused by unbalanced pool chemicals or malfunctioning components and threaten the health of your swimmers.

Caring for a rental property is a full-time job in and of itself and at Aquarius Pools & Spas, we understand that you don’t need the added responsibility of constantly maintaining your pool. Our skilled technicians will clean and maintain your pool and spa on your designated schedule, so you don’t have to.

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