So over years I have always been looking for different ways to combat sunscreen in pools and spas. Especially since the marvelous creation of the spray sunscreen.  Yes it makes it easier to spray your crazy kids and keeps your hands grease free.  But I don’t care what the label says, there is no such thing as 1 hour sunscreen.  As soon as you hit the water that stuff comes right off into the pool.  Now the problem is it clogs pool filters.  Then no filtering, no chemicals circulating= funky pool.  I was talking with an owner of one of my very large pools who swears by the “skimmer sock.”  I finally  brook down last week and bought a 5 pack, and put them on my heavy used ocean front rental houses.  All these houses have 10+ bedrooms and sleep 25+ people, the pools don’t stand a chance.  Every three days I go there the filter is barley running if at all, and the pool has the green look with the smell of Coopertone.  To my surprise this mid-week I come through the pool gate to find crystal pools pumping hard!  My jaw hit the deck and not just on one but all 5 I put them on.  I instantly pick up and my phone and group texted my boys who also run pool maintenances companies on the Outer Banks.  Needless to say I ordered a case that afternoon.  Point of the story is if you struggle with oils in your pool wrap your skim basket.