I have had a couple clients this year ask if it’s possible to move there hot tub?  Sure, it was put there, it can be moved.  Some spas are just a bit more complicated than others to move.  For example one of our clients simply wanted the spa moved from one side of the pool deck to another, no problem.  There is a couple ways to get this accomplished.  You can use a dolly and lift it on to it and push it into place.  You can use two hand trucks with two people and simultaneously move the spa.  Or you can go old school and use 4 pieces of  2″ PVC and do it egyptian style and roll it on them.  Putting on in front of another till you get where you need to go.


Other times moving a spa is not so easy.  Some times the spa was set on a third story deck, then the screen in porch was built around it.  These are tons of fun to get out.  First we cut out the hand rails and the screen wall.  Then we pull off the spa side that will reveal the power whip.  Un hook the power to the spa and thread it back through the house.  After that we lift the spa and put it up on 4×4 so we can put loop straps under and around the hot tub. At which point we call in the boom crane.  The crane slides in the hook and we hang the the loop straps around it, and away it fly’s.  Over the house it goes, right on to the pool deck.  Nothing to it!  Now your spa is setting next to your  pool where is should have went in the first place.