September is pool safety cover time

the Beginning of September is the best time to get in your order for pool covers.  Pool covers have at least a two week lead time with no hiccups.



First you put two stakes in the ground in two different positions

Then you mark every foot all the way around your pool

Then you pull measurement from point A and point B marking them down on a sketch of your pool

Once this is done then find a reputable cover company and hope the numbers were right and it shows up correctly made

Call Aquarius Pools & Spas

We come out on a agreed upon date to take the measurements.  I will show up and lay out three measuring tapes and marked blocks.  At which point I will remove all furniture and pool toys from view of the surrounding pool area.  Get on a step stool and begin to take photos.  We take photos every couple of feet all around the pool.

Then we get on our computer and upload the pictures and dimensions into our software program.  We fill out a two page questionnaire about the color, type of cover and accessories you would like for your cover.  Once the cover arrives we call you to set an installation date.

On the agreed upon date two guys will show up with the cover and tools to professionally install you new pool cover.  We will ask you to fill the pool up with water to the coping the night before.  The next day we will install the cover by laying it out over the pool.  Placing buckets of water on all four sides and getting into position.  Then we mark the spots to drill for the cover actors.  With a large hammer drill they will drill all necessary holes.  Then come behind and clean out the holes and tap in pool cover anchors.  Then the final step of hooking the springs over the anchors and pulling the cover taunt.


You are then the proud owner of a new pool safety cover.  That will keep your pool safe and clean for years to come.