One of the biggest perks of having a hot tub on your property is that you, your renters, or your Airbnbers can use it year-round, even on the frigid winter nights we see here in North Carolina. Of course, if you’re going to be soaking in a luxurious outdoor spa in freezing temperatures, it’s important that you take measures to keep yourself and your hot tub safe amidst the wintry conditions.

Be sure to follow these winter hot tubbing do’s and don’ts to make the most of your cold-weather soaks!

DO limit your soak times.

When the cold winter air is engulfing you from the neck up, you may not realize just how high your internal temperature is rising as you sit in your hot tub. Going from extreme heat to cold when you get out can affect your blood flow, causing nausea or vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting or even heat stroke. For the sake of your health, keep your winter hot tub soaks to about 15-20 minutes.

DON’T skimp on your hot tub cover.

A high-quality hot tub cover is essential for keeping your spa in good working condition in every season, but especially winter. Your cover should be tight-fitting and well-insulated to seal in the heat and effectively keep out dirt, debris, and excess moisture from rain, ice, or snow. Without a proper cover, your hot tub’s water temperature will drop, which can cause damage to the heater and frozen pipes.

DO have an exit plan.

In order to prevent those aforementioned nasty physical effects that can happen when you move from one drastic temperature to another, you need to prep for your winter hot tub exits accordingly. Keep a dry towel or bathrobe and a pair of slippers or shoes within arm’s reach to protect your body as you enter the frigid air to go back into the house.

DON’T forget to check water levels.

Even if you’re not using your hot tub much in the winter, it’s important that you continuously check on your water levels. If too much hot water evaporates and the line drops below the skimmer, the water won’t circulate properly, temperatures will drop, and you can end up with a frozen and/or damaged hot tub. Be sure to check the water after every soak or at least once per week through the winter.

With the help of Aquarius Pools & Spas, you or your OBX rental property guests can enjoy your hot tub all winter long without stressing about potential damage. Our pool maintenance, cleaning, and repair experts are also trained and certified in all aspects of spa care, so all you have to worry about is getting in your winter R&R.

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