OBX freeze damage, ways to avoid this.  Don’t turn off your spa, just turn down the temp.  I can’t tell you how many repairs I go to in the spring because owners simply turn off the spa and leave town.  It does get below freezing on the Outer Banks from time to time.  When this happens and there is water in the spa lines that is not heated.  You come back to an empty spa and ask your self ” I know that was full when I left”.

Then I get the call and a pic of exploded heater or a cracked slice valve.  If you just turn down the temp to as low as it will go. The spa will not use much energy but will keep the water above freezing there for not cause damage.  Another option is to have Aquarius Pools come by and do a bi-weekly service.  This way you know the spa is clean and balanced for when ever you decide to pop to you Outer Banks home and use your spa.