If you own a in-ground pool there is no logical reason to not have it covered for the off season.  The pool covers now a day strap tight to the pool deck with stainless steel springs.  That hook over solid brass anchors that are counter sunk into the concrete or wood pool decking.

The benefits of installing a pool safety cover are quite a few.  Of course there is the safety factor.  These covers keep kids and animals from accidentally falling into the pool and drowning.  Unlike the covers of the past you are able to walk completely across them and barely get your feet wet.

Secondly is they keep out leaves and debris from blowing into the pool.  Not only does a pool full of debris cause the opening process in the spring much harder and more expensive.  The sitting of leaves on the bottom of the pool causes staining especially on plaster pools.

Finally yet another reason to install a pool cover is blocking the destructive UV light.  If you have a vinyl liner pool or a colored fiberglass pool the UV light will shorten the life span of your pool.  You can go to Loop Lock Pool Covers and peruse over covers https://www.looploc.com