Pool light timer on ocean front

For years now we have had the problem with pool lights burning out from renters leaving them on all week.  With that also comes the bugs covering the pool surface.  We were constantly caught in the middle between the owners and the rental companies.  The rental companies get the complaint from renters of the pool light not working.  Then we call the owners and relay the problem, at which point they ask why are we replacing these lights every season.

In the past there has been a couple different timers tried.  The most popular one was the spring timer.  These work well for a season or two then the salt air would rust out the springs inside.  Once this happens either they won’t come on or the won’t go off.  Then we have to back to the manual light switch and square one.

This season we picked up a pool account on ocean front.  The pool is 50,000 gallons and has six pool lights in it.  Between the lake of dead bugs and changing out a light bulb every other week.  I was over it!

I contacted my electrician with the challenge of finding me a simple and reliable pool light timer.  The first one they installed was a digital timer and had many different settings.  The renters instantly screwed it up.  This one was nice but clearly to complicated and able to be changed by whomever.  A week went by until before my electrician called and informed me he had found the perfect one. He promised it was so simple a toddler could not screw it up.

He came by that weekend on turn over day and switched out the timers.  I saw it on the midweek and to my relief it was very simple.  There is four buttons 15min, 30min, 1hr, 2hr thats it.  Its so easy to use and looks to be well made.  I hope it holds up to the harsh conditions of ocean front.  Time will tell on that, but I am certainly  happy with the timer we have now.