Things to do this March on the Outer Banks.  March is a interesting time on the Outer Banks.  The weather can be very nice or it can be like January all over again.  The crowds are not here yet, but the weekend can be busy with home owners getting there homes ready for the upcoming season.  March is also a big month for potential home buyers.  So if your home is on the market for sale this spring a couple things you might want to make sure are in good shape.  If your pool does not have a cover, chances are its not pretty and blue by this time.  You might want your pool guy to come by and do a quick once over on it.  Also if you do have pool and/or spa covers that are in bad shape.  Might be time to think about replacing them before potential new buyers take there first look at your deteriorating covers and jump to the conclusion the pool or spa are in equally poor shape.


The activities we found happening on the Outer Banks this coming month are.  The Outer Banks taps crawl, where you get to go from place to place and try food from all around the world.  Once you do your full evening of hopping from place to place eating fabulous foods its time to drop the lbs.  With the 5th annual Outer Banks Duatloln race in Corolla.

This is just a few of the events happening on the OBX this coming month.  You can always go the the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce to find out tons of things to do from Duck to Hatters.  Another one of our favorite sites to find all the best venues on the beach is The Outer Banks voice.