Spring is a great time for rental property owners in the Outer Banks. As travelers across the nation begin to defrost, they’re eager to get out of the house and start planning a vacation. One of the first things you’ll need to do to prepare for these spring breakers is get one of your biggest attractions ready for the season—your pool!

Follow these steps below to open your pool for spring and ensure it’s in great shape for renters!

First, take care of the pool cover.

To prevent any accumulated debris from falling into your pool, the cover needs to be cleaned and drained of standing water. Once it has been cleared, remove it and wash it down to keep it in good condition for next winter or continued use throughout the season. If you’re storing it, be sure to place it somewhere cool and dry.

Next, dewinterize.

If you closed your pool for the offseason, now is the time to remove your winterizing equipment and replace it with what is needed for spring. Take out winterizing plugs on your skimmer and lines, the ice compensator (if you have one), and drain any leftover antifreeze from your plumbing. Then, reinstall the equipment your pool will need to run again, such as the filter, pump and heater connections, as well as any pool accessories.

Then, inspect and clean your pool equipment.

Once everything is back in its place, examine your pool and equipment for any damage that needs to be addressed before reopening. Pay special attention to your filter for clogs, plumbing lines for tears or leaks, and tile for cracks. It’s also a good idea to turn on your system to make sure everything is working. After you’ve confirmed that your equipment is functioning, vacuum, brush, and skim the pool.

Finally, refill, treat, and shock the water.

Most likely, your pool lost a few inches of water over the dormant months. Refill the water to the mid-skimmer line or halfway up the tile. Once it’s filled, test and balance the chemical levels—including total alkalinity, pH, chlorine, and calcium hardness—to make the water safe for swimming. Finally, shock the pool to eliminate any remaining contaminants. Let the filter run overnight and, in the morning, your pool should be good to go!

The to-do list for getting your property ready for the busy rental season is probably extensive. Let Aquarius Pools & Spas check off a few items for you and get your pool ready for spring! Our pool specialists will open your pool for the season and keep it in great shape throughout the entire year, so you and your guests don’t have to worry about a thing.

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