How To Maintain Your Pool in the Winter

You may already be aware that taking care of a pool is a lot of work, but did you also know that it’s a year-round job? That’s right! When winter comes around, you can’t just throw a cover on top, switch your equipment to “off” and let your pool go untouched until spring. A pool requires ongoing maintenance, even during the offseason. So, what should you do to keep your pool in good shape throughout the winter?

Keep the cover clean.

A high-quality pool cover is a must-have for safety and protection in all seasons. In the winter, it is recommended that you maintain about 1-2 inches of water on top of your cover to keep it weighted down (those winter winds can get nasty, after all). Be sure to keep this standing water clean, skimming for dirt and debris weekly. If excess water collects, it’s important that you drain it to prevent the cover from getting damaged or collapsing and spilling contaminated top water into your clean pool.

Continue to balance water chemistry.

Right before closing your pool for the season, you should add algaecide and a small amount of chlorine (too much can bleach the cover). Through the winter, check on chemical levels weekly and balance as needed. Adding a mid-winter algaecide and enzyme product will help break down living and nonliving organic contaminants that can damage or stain your pool.

Check in on pool systems and equipment.

Periodically throughout winter, you should be checking the various systems and equipment that keep your pool running—pipes/plumbing, filter, water pump, heater, etc.—to ensure they are free of contaminants and water that can cause serious damage. Water levels should be maintained approximately 4-6 inches below the skimmer, otherwise you run the risk of water freezing in your pool’s pipes and motorized parts and ending up with cracks and leaks. It’s a good idea to use a freeze guard to regulate water temperature too.

Winter is a busy time of year for most of us. Between holiday gift shopping, meal prepping, and celebrations, many home and rental property owners don’t have the time to worry about maintaining their pool on top of it all. That’s why Aquarius Pools & Spas offers full-service pool cleaning and maintenance contracts to keep your pool in optimal shape year-round without making you lift a finger.

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