” Don’t over look small pool repairs”  You may not even notice some small imperfections in your pool area.  As you can see in this picture a small bit of pool liner has come out of it’s track.  This small amount can turn into a very large problem with little effort.  All it takes is a small child pulling down on it, or a hard rain to get behind the dinner and the whole liner wall can come down.

What you will need to do to fix this problem before it becomes a larger one is, drain down the water about 2.5′.  Then get your fingers beneath the lip of the liner and pull it back into the track.  If it gives you problems you can use a hair dryer to heat the liner up a bit.  But don’t get it to close, you don’t want to melt the pool liner.

Once you are able to get all the sags around the pool back into their track.  It’s time to put in the “Liner Lock”.  Liner lock is a product that is shaped like a T, and holds the liner in place.  You will need a hammer a block of wood and a second person.  Don’t try to go in it alone.  You will drive your self crazy, and probably fall into the pool!

One person holds the spool of liner lock about 2-3′ infant of the person with the block of wood and hammer.  Preferably a polly headed hammer so if you miss you won’t damage the liner.  Start at the stairs and work your way around the pool.  Once you get about 3′ of liner lock in place have your partner put some tension on the spool and pull it tight.  This will help in the placement process, and you will get a better finish result.  Good luck, don’t fall into the pool 😉

P.S.  Get you a boat throw cushion for your knees, you’ll need it.