Pool Cleaning Services Near Duck NC –
Private Homes

If you have a private pool and/or spa on the Outer Banks and only you and your family use it, this would be considered “light” use and would only need our pool cleaning service once a week. Our pool service and hot tub maintenance will benefit your pool, spa and your wallet.


  • The same technician will visit your pool and or spa once a week on either thursday or friday.
  • Your pool will be tested for proper chemical levels and will add chemicals as needed to balance your pool water.
  • We empty the skimmer baskets, pump trap and sweep bag.
  • A full skimming of pool surface, brushing of pool walls and vacuuming of pool floor.
  • We clean all filters, check timers or salt system and make sure all pool and spa equipment is working properly.
  • If needed, maintenance is done in-house for a timely repair.
  • Pool area will be cleaned and furniture will be arranged to your specifications. Any damage we find will be immediately reported to you.
  • We will be in close contact with you and will take care anything else that you specify.
Pool Cleaning Service - Duck NC