Month: December 2017

To cold for hot tub?

So when is it to cold for hot tubbing?  Today I went to do some mid-weeks on hot tubs.  As soon as my hands left the spa they instantly lose felling.  And you can forget about filling a spa or rinsing off a filter with a water hose.  They are long green ice cycles curled… Read more »

Outer Banks Pool Cleaners

Here on the Outer Banks there are many pool and spa cleaners to choose from.  But out of the masses there is only a few reputable ones.  Out of all the “cleaning companies” less than a third of them fix there own accounts equipment when if breaks.  This means a third party charge for all… Read more »

Leaking pool equipment?

Winter is the time to fix that leaking pool! Are you adding water more than twice a week?  If so, chances are you have a leak somewhere.  We will come and pressure test the plumbing.  If that holds we will move onto dye to find the pesky leak.  Once we find said leak I will… Read more »