Month: May 2017

TDS in pools

Pool solution

Proper Pool Chemistry

As pool cleaners on the Outer Banks our most important job is proper pool chemistry.  Most people think we just show up vacuum out the sand from the pool and hot tub, add some chlorine tabs and leave.  But without testing and balancing all the chemicals you can have detrimental effects not long down the road.  Not… Read more »

Cyunaric Acid?

Know your pool chemistry

Weekly Pool Maintenance

If your rental property is located in Corolla, Duck or Southern Shores.   You have many choices for a pool and spa maintenance company.  But do your homework first before choosing, because pool appearance and service is one of the top three things complained about by renters.  Without repeat renters your year can go down… Read more »

Your Pool Ready?

Memorial day is coming up fast on the Outer Banks Is your pool and spa ready for renters?

Repairing a cluster

Got referred by a friend to this replumbing job. Looked like Paul Bunyan had his way with the place. We cut it all out and started from scratch. The pump room looks so much better not to mention haw much stronger the pool runs