Month: March 2017

What’s going on in April?

Lots of things to do in the Spring in the OBX. People are out and about and so excited at the prospect of summer coming. Here are a few popular things to do in the northern Outer Banks.   April 1st is the annual Wedding Event hosted by the Sanderling. Meet up with any vendor… Read more »

Pool repair day

Sunny and 72 is a great day to cut out a skimmer and put back a brand new one that can actually hold water.  We are in Corolla with all the tools to cut it our.  Concrete saws, sledge  hammers, pickaxes, and shovels.  A couple hours of hard work and the skimmers will be better… Read more »

Duck day in Duck

Rainy duck day in Duck 🙁  Not such a great day to be on ocean front cleaning pools and spas in Duck N.C.  Glad I bought new rain gear for the 2017 pool season since it can be very soggy on the OBX in the spring.

Ready for a change?

In the market for a  new pool and spa service company?  Give us a call, we are between Kitty Hawk and Corolla everyday and would be happy to stop and talk about weekly service or any repairs you may need to get ready for your best season yet.

Around town in Duck

For anyone wondering about new pool service in Duck N.C.  We are in town everyday running between Southern Shores and Corolla cleaning and opening pools and spas.  Anyone out there needs a quote or would like to meet a different pool service company just give us a call.

Winter back on the OBX

Looks like winter is back on the OBX. Gone from 75-2-35 degrees something is generally wrong with that. Warm weather can’t be to much longer away 

Corollas Tiny Pools

So at what point can you no longer advertise your rental property as having a “pool”? This is without a doubt the smallest pool I have seen in Corolla, or the Outer Banks for that matter.

Above Average Again in Corolla

Once again the weather is above average in Corolla and all of the Outer Banks for that matter.  This weather sure is helping us pool guys get our pool and spa repairs done early this year.  Just think I might not be running around with my hair on firer come the beginning of May opening… Read more »

Outer Banks Time change

So less then a week now till we get longer days.  Here on the Outer Banks that sure helps us out since most all of us work outdoors.  With the longer days and more sun, means warmer pools sooner.  We are looking forward to pool and spa spring openings in towns like Corolla, Duck and… Read more »