Month: January 2017

Duck pool cleaning service

Today we are posting about duck pool cleaning service. We are trying to pull more clients for pool cleaning contracts in duck. 

Pool stain removal

Great day today for acid stain removal on a pool. Is your plaster pool stained and shabby looking?  Well a good way to make it look far better is to do a acid treatment.  Just take look at the results.

Pool or Spa Repairs Needed?

Outer Banks home owners time to be proactive!  Over the next six weeks is the time to think about your pool or spa repair needs in order to have it ready to roll come spring.  Give us a call or visit us here to set up your spring schedule today.

Video upload

Hurray! Finally uploaded all the pool repair videos to our web site we have been accumulating.


Now you see a sta-rite pool heater. Now you don’t!  It’s a great time to replace your old money sucking gas heater, and install a new energy efficient heat pump for your pool.