Month: March 2016

Look before you leap

This is one of the many reasons you look before you fully enter a pool pump room in spring.🐍   

Time 4 an upgrade 

How do you know when it’s time for a new cover?   

New salt system time

Here is a happy new salt system owner.  All set up and ready for a great season of soft water and clear eyes.   


Take a hundred bucks off any Heat Siphon pool heater. Offer valid now till April 1st. For more info on Heat Siphon products click on the link.

All stocked up

So I am all stocked up 4 the season. Need work to start so I can move around the shop again.   

Half the dog I used 2 B

Here is about ten pounds of dog hair that won’t end up in the pool filter. Hurray    

March Events

Taste of the Beach always puts on great events. Get some great food between the 17th and 20th. Here is a link for more information. Come to the Outer Banks for the early Easter this year.  We have events near where you stay from Corolla to Nags Head.