Month: April 2015

Elimination day

So we are here at Southern Shores in the Outer banks and have just eliminated 11 90s from a pump room. The pressure went from 22 lbs to 15lbs and no one could figure out why the pool had little flow and tacked out in two days. 90s BAD!

Spaghetti room

This is how you make sense of a spaghetti pump room in Corolla OBX.

Job opening!

Want to be a pool guy on the Outer Banks? Here’s what it in tails. Diving a 51 degree pool when it’s 48 degrees out and blowing NE at 20 mph on ocean front. There is an opening cause I quit.

Obx backwash

This is how you build an outer banks detachable backwash line, because your neighbors are less the ten feet apart.

Pump room

Another clean pump room move corolla obx

HeatSiphon stand

One Heat Siphon stand built. Someone else needs to take it to corolla because its hella heavy

2015 New Client Special

We are bringing back the deal for new customers! If you sign with us this year, you can choose between a free pool/spa opening or free vacant weeks between Memorial day and Labor day. Contact us for more information. 252-489-9511    

Sunny Easter

What a beautiful Easter Day in Duck OBX

Ruff day at work

Dog day doing pools