Month: March 2015

How’s the weather?

No wind and in the low 50s in Corolla OUter Banks. I’ll take it over yesterday that’s for sure.

Quite different

Yesterday in Corolla it was 74, and today it is 44 quite the difference:( Hopefully spring will return to the Outer Banks soon.

St.patties day

Happy St.Patricks day from the Outer Banks:)

Heat siphon sale

Its March 16th and our Heat Siphon deal is half over don’t miss out on your $100 bucks off on your new Heat Siphon on the Outer Banks.

Big boy

I had this large moth on one of our spas in Southern Shores.

Old motor

We picked up a new Corolla ocean front house in the Outer Banks the other day. This is the first thing I noticed that should have been fixed long ago.

Corolla pump room

The start of a new pump room in Corolla

Keep it clear

Time to fill the floaters & keep ’em clear

De thawed

De thawed. Anyone for a dip?