This week is our spring time hot tub cover order week.  I go around and see what condition all of our accounts spa covers are in.  Your cover can look to be in good shape at first glance.  Then as soon as you go to lift one half of the cover you compress a disc in your back.  This is because over time moister from steam water logs the spa cover.  The damage could also be much more obvious.  You may have dry rote, separation on the seams or broken foam.  Either way you will need to replace your spa cover.

Then comes the question how do I measure the spa cover correctly?  How do I get rid of the old heavy hot tub cover when it does not fit in my trash can?  And finally do I pick blindly on the internet to find a reputable company that will actually deliver what they say they will.  More than once have we had clients order there own, only for it to show up the wrong size.  Then when they went to return it found out they had to cover the return freight at around 100 bucks.  The easy answer to all the questions is to just have us at Aquarius Pools take care of it all for you.  All you will need to do is pick a color and relax.