Happy Thanksgiving from the Outer Banks! We love fall here in the OBX and there is still plenty to do. We turn our attention from swimming pools to hot tubs or spas and soak in the cooler weather.

One of my favorite things to do here is eat out. We have so many great restaurants from Corolla to Nags Head, it is hard for me to keep up. This week is restaurant week in the OBX and you know I’ll be grubbing out as much as possible. Here is a link to a website with a whole lot more information.

I’m really excited about  a new running event that has come to the Outer Banks. It is the infamous Chug Run. I’m not a huge fan of running but if I get to drink 4 beers while I do it, sign me up! The Brewing Station is hosting this event on November 22nd. Only 100 people can register so don’t wait. Here is a link to the running company’s website.

We are thankful for Beer.