So for the most part we dodged a bullet once again.  At first we were in the cross hairs of a major cat 4 hurricane.  Lucky a two large high pressures up north of us pushed her just south to New Bern North Carolina. With only minimal winds and rain our pool and spa clean up will be far more manageable.

Yesterday we set out with three trucks and three dudes to start the clean up.  We began with the Saturday and Sunday checkins. Since they are starting to let tourists back on the island starting this morning, Sunday the 16th.  All went pretty smoothly yesterday and we were able to get all the checkins finished and ready for renters.

Today we set out again with the vacant properties and the privates in our sites.  With any luck we should be able to take a big chunk out of them and still make the four o’clock kick-off.  Will probably miss the Carolina game but you better believe we will be listing on the radio.

Go Panthers, beat those Falcons